– Development partnerships with the private sector

The programme was set up by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) to foster private sector engagement in areas where business opportunities and the need for development action overlap.

BMZ supports your company with innovative projects and commercial investments in developing and emerging countries that have long-term benefits for the local population:

The projects are realized in a wide range of sectors and topics and include the training of local experts, the use of climate-friendly technologies and product certification, as well as the improvement of eco- and social standards in manufacturing facilities.

It is possible for several companies to pool their efforts and work together with stakeholders from industry and commerce, governmental and non-governmental organisations and other national and international organisations (multi-stakeholders).

You may submit your project idea to DEG or GIZ by participating in one of the ideas competitions held four times a year.

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Strategic development partnerships

BMZ provides greater support for projects which have the potential to achieve outstanding development benefits and may be viewed as ‘strategic development partnerships’:

  • Your company receives financial and professional support.
  • The project’s total volume amounts to at least EUR 750,000. BMZ’s maximum contribution is 50%.
  • In addition, the project demonstrates a high level of innovation and the potential for replicability, higher-than-average structure-building results and a broad-based impact.

Strategic development partnerships run in parallel to ideas competitions and can be realized at any time with DEG or GIZ as partners.

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